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Hvor: Nadi

Når: December 2013

Status: i mål

Resultat: Støttet en gutt ved navn Apo med å få operasjon på Hawaii for å operere medfødt klubbfot.

A story about a boy and his foot, and a journey overseas.

When Brian and Litia’s son, Aporosa was born he got an IV in his leg that was too strong (or too much) for him, and this resulted in a burn on his foot. Nothing functionally seemed to be wrong with Apo until his first birthday came around and he started walking and running! The burned skin couldn’t (or wouldn’t?) stretch and Apo ended up walking on the wrong side of his foot, the bottom of his foot facing up. 

Around this time Litia’s friend from Australia came to visit, she organized an inspection in Lautoka (About 40 minutes from Nadi where Brian and Litia live) with the Hawaiian Shriners Hospital for Children. Apo went for the inspection and when he came back the news was; Apo may be going to Hawaii for surgery! Shriners would pay for the surgery, but Brian and Apo still needed money for the airplane tickets, their stay in the hotel and food when they were there.

When FijiStiftelsen heard about this they decided to help the family with funds so Apo and Brian would be able to go to Hawaii.

So Brian and Apo had their departure to Hawaii was on the 11th of October and arrival back in Nadi, Fiji was on the 10th of February. Apo’s little sister, Salma was just two weeks when her father and older brother left! This was Apo’s first time flying, and being in a hotel, overseas and all those “Kaivalaini” (white people)! But he adjusted good and was only a little shy in the beginning.

The surgery was successfully completed on the 19th of December. Apo stayed in recovery for about a week and then there were weekly check-ups with the doctor in Shriners Hospital for Children. As you (and everyone) can imagine there where a lot of spare time for Brian and Apo and they used this to visit family. Sara (FijiStiftelsen) made regular calls as to how they were doing and Litia got updates almost daily.

Apo spilt water in his cast, of course, so they had to take it off and put on another one!

10th of February they arrived back in Fiji. Apo was acting a bit spoiled and was not used to having a little one around. He now takes care around Salma and he’s showing affection for her. Late February they went for Apo’s checkup in Lautoka. All was okay and he will have another check-up in next year in March. He now have to wear leg braces for approximately three months and then he is fine. Only he keeps pulling them off! Aporosa!

There is the possibility that Apo will go to Hawaii again for a plastic surgery and remove/fix his scar, but this is still not decided.

Brian and Litia (and their family) would like to say thank you to FijiStiftelsen for giving them the possibility to make the trip! Vinaka vakalevu! Thank you very much!

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